The Computer action allows the ability to automate various Windows start menu power button functions such as Lock, Restart, Shut down, Log off, Suspend and Hibernate. For added security, administrators could create and deploy tasks that force the system to log off at a certain time during the evening or lock the workstation upon task completion. Tasks that perform automated installations that require a Windows restart can include a step at the end of the task to restart the system upon completion. Power saving routines can be automated on certain computers or servers with implementation of the hibernate/suspend activity. In addition, a Display activity is included to allow automated adjustments to the current display settings of a system.

Available Activities

The list of activities for this action are arranged below in alphabetical order. For more information about a specific activity, click the associated link.



Computer - Display Changes the current resolution and/or color settings on the specified display device (video card).
Computer - Hibernate Hibernates the computer with the possibility to wake up at a specified time.
Computer - Lock Locks the workstation's display.
Computer - Log off Ends the Windows session for the current user.
Computer - Restart Restarts the computer.
Computer - Set Date/Time

Sets the system clock to the date and time corresponding to a specific Internet time server (a dedicated time server that distributes accurate time) or sets the clock to a specific date/time.

Computer - Shut down Closes Windows and shuts down the computer.
Computer - Suspend Suspends the computer with the possibility to wake up at a specified time.