Azure Storage


Windows Azure Storage provides secure, scalable, and accessible storage services that are available anytime and anywhere on demand. It offers several storage types to support different kinds of storage needs, from structured to unstructured data.

With the “cloud”, we no longer need to buy and maintain physical servers. However, using cloud-based storage, IT professionals will have to spend time on manual processes to manage the resource. That’s where AutoMate can help. AutoMate can expand the benefits of cloud storage by offering cloud automation with a comprehensive set of Windows Azure Storage activities.

Available Activities

The list of activities for this action are arranged below in alphabetical order. For more information about a specific activity, click the associated link.


Azure Storage - Clear queue

Clears all messages from the specified queue.  

Azure Storage - Copy blob

Copies a blob to a destination container.

Azure Storage - Create blob snapshot

Creates a read-only snapshot of a blob container.

Azure Storage - Create container

Creates a new public or private container under the specified account and optionally sets user-defined metadata for the container .

Azure Storage - Create queue

Creates a new queue under the given account.  

Azure Storage - Create session

Creates a unique session which can be used to associate several Azure Storage activities. This allows a single task the ability to execute numerous Azure Storage operations simultaneously.

Azure Storage - Create table

Creates a new table under the given account.  

Azure Storage - Delete blob

Deletes the specified blob from a given container.

Azure Storage - Delete container

Marks the specified container for deletion. The container and any blobs contained within it are later deleted during garbage collection.

Azure Storage - Delete entities

Deletes a range of entities in a table.

Azure Storage - Delete entity

Deletes a specific entity from a table.

Azure Storage - Delete message

Deletes a specific message from the queue based on the message ID and post receipt value.

Azure Storage - Delete queue

Deletes a queue and all the messages contained in it.

Azure Storage - Delete table

Deletes the specified table and any data it contains.

Azure Storage - Download blob

Downloads a blob's contents to a file or existing variable.

Azure Storage - Download entities

Download one or more entities to a comma-separated values (.csv) file or comma-delimited text (.txt) file.

Azure Storage - End session

Ends a session started by the Create session activity.

Azure Storage - Get all message(s)

Retrieves all queue messages and populates a dataset with results. 

Azure Storage - Get container permissions

Gets the permissions currently set for the container. This includes public access permissions and any shared access policies it may have.

Azure Storage - Get message

Gets a single message from the queue and optionally specifies how long it should be reserved before it becomes visible. Can also be used to delete a message after retrieval, eliminating the need to execute a Delete message step.

Azure Storage - Get public URL

Creates a URL for public access and populates a variable with the resulting URI.

Azure Storage - Insert entity

Inserts one or more new entities into a table.

Azure Storage - List blobs

Enumerates the list of blobs under the specified container.  

Azure Storage - List containers

Retrieves all storage account containers or specific containers whose names begin with the prefix indicated and populates a dataset with relevant data, such as container name, URI, last modified date and metadata.

Azure Storage - List entities

Lists all entities in a table account and populates a dataset with the results.

Azure Storage - List queues

Lists all of the queues in a given storage account or a collection of queues with names that begin with the specified prefix and populates a dataset with results.

Azure Storage - List tables

Returns an enumerable collection of all table names or a collection of table names that begin with the specified prefix for the storage account and populates a dataset with the results.

Azure Storage - Peek message(s)

Retrieves a message from the front of the queue, without changing the message visibility.

Azure Storage - Put message

Adds a new message to the back of the message queue. A timeout can also be specified to make the message invisible until the visibility timeout expires.

Azure Storage - Rename blob

Renames and/or moves a blob to a new container by copying the original blob and its contents to the specified container and new blob name, and deletes the original blob.

Azure Storage - Set blob properties

Sets system properties and user-defined metadata on the specified blob container.

Azure Storage - Set queue metadata

Sets user-defined metadata on the specified queue or clears a queue of existing metadata.

Azure Storage - Update container

Updates public access permissions, shared access policies and one or more user-defined name-value pairs for the specified container.  

Azure Storage - Update entity

Updates an existing entity in a table. This activity replaces the entire entity and can be used to remove properties.  

Azure Storage - Upload blob

Uploads a file or specified text to a blob container.

Azure Storage - Upload entities

Uploads a .CSV (Comma-Separated Values) file to the specified table storage.