AMCondition - Schedule


An AutoMate condition can be used in the middle of a workflow as a means to suspend execution until a specific condition takes place or as a conditional element to determine a workflow's path resulting from the occurrence (or non-occurrence) of a specific condition. When used in this manner, a pre-named (or fixed field) dataset called AMCondition is created and populated with a collection of data related to the observed condition. AMCondition is a standard AutoMate dataset which can be used during the course of a workflow to examine particular characteristics about the initiated condition, such as the type of condition that occurred, when it occurred and what computer it occurred on.


The total number of fields that AMCondition creates during runtime and what they are named depends largely on the AutoMate condition that was used. Each condition contains its own set of unique AMCondition fields. The table below lists the fields related to the Schedule Event. For more details about a specific AMCondition field, click the associated link.


Data Type

Return Value



Indicates to the task whether the schedule trigger launched past it's next launch date/time. This can occur if the computer was off or the AutoMate Task Service was not running or was disabled when the task was scheduled to run. If the task was late, the value returned is 1. Otherwise, it will be 0.


NOTE: A full list of AMCondition and AMTrigger objects exclusive to each event/condition can be viewed from the Expression Builder by expanding the Objects folder and selecting the desired object from either the Triggers or Conditions sub-folder.