Bookmarks are a means of marking steps in a task with placeholders so you can find them easily during construction or testing. You can mark steps in your task with bookmarks and then navigate directly to those steps by clicking the Next Bookmark or Previous Bookmark ribbon controls. In the Steps panel, bookmarks are indicated by a blue, circled icon located on the left side of the step number (as shown below).

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To set a bookmark:

  1. In the Task Builder's Steps panel, select the step(s) for which to place a bookmark. To select more than one step, hold down CTRL during selection.

  2. From the ribbon control's Home tab, click Bookmark from the Step command group.


Press CTRL + F3 on your keyboard.

To Navigate to a bookmark:

  1. From the ribbon control's Home tab, click the down arrow located on the right side of the Bookmark control.

  2. Click Next Bookmark to jump to the next bookmark or Previous Bookmark to jump to the previous bookmark (as shown below).


NOTE: Bookmark symbols are positioned in the same location as breakpoint symbols on the Steps panel. If a specific step comprises both, the breakpoint symbol takes precedence over the bookmark symbol, thus, you will see only the red icon indicating the breakpoint and not the blue bookmark icon.