Task Builder Options


The Task Builder contains its own set of options which can be configured to meet a user's specific necessities. They include color, icon and font settings, viewing options, debug preferences and formatting properties. Task Builder options can be accessed via File -> Options (circled below).

Available Options

Task Builder options are grouped into six separate categories, each encompassing specific preferences and options. Below lists the available categories, with links to the topics covering each.



Color Options

Contains options that determine the color to be used for the Task Builder interface or allows adjustments to be made to the current color scheme.

Debugger Options

Contains options that affect Task Builder's behavior while running and debugging tasks.

Fonts Options

Contains options to modify the font name, size and style to be used for the Visual view and the AML view.

Formatting Options

Contains options that deal with how steps should be formatted in the Steps pane.

General Options

Contains options that determine certain behavioral characteristics of Task Builder. Also determines the default managed task location.

Task Builder Toolbar Options

Contains options that determine the look and feel of AutoMate's debugger toolbar.