Debug Panel - Watches


The Watches debug panel can store several variables and expressions that you want to view over the course of the debugging session. You can set a watch on a variable used in the task or you can enter an expression to create a more complex watch. You can use the Watches debug view to add, remove, or change watches. After each step executes, any variables and expressions listed are re-evaluated and updated with their current values. Watches go beyond the Variable window by providing an intuitive means of testing variable or task states while a task is executing. More on Watches

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The Watches panel includes the following fields (columns).

Column Header



The syntax of the watch. This can be simply a variable name, or a complex expression.


The result of the watch expression. This is updated with each step execution while the task is running.

Context Menu

Right-click inside the Watches panel to view the following menu items.

Menu Item



Renames the selected variable or modifies the selected expression.


Removes the selected item. To select multiple items, hold down CTRL during selection.

Remove All

Removes all items listed.