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The area at the bottom of the Task Builder comprises an intuitive status bar that displays real-time progress of a running task through graphics and text. When a task is run from the Task Builder, the status bar graphically indicates execution state by means of a progress indicator and activity icons. Textual information such as execution status and runtime details are also displayed. The status bar is a great way to provide useful and relevant information without interrupting execution or breaking task flow, which can be very helpful and convenient for task developers, typically during testing periods.

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Status Bar Controls

The status bar is divided into sections, each of which displays particular information about the running task. The various elements are detailed below:



Running step/Total steps

Displays the current step being executed as well as the total number of steps the task contains.

Execution status

Displays the status of the currently running task. For example:

  • Running - Task is currently in a running state.

  • Completed - Task completed.

  • Error - Task generated an error.

Progress Bar

Displays total progress of the current step being executed.

Running step action icon

Displays the activity icon associated with the step currently running.

Step execution details

Displays information about the activity that's currently running. This section updates step by step information about the task during execution.

Toggle My Actions view

Click to hide/show My Actions view.

Toggle Actions view

Click to hide/show Actions view.

Toggle Debug panel

Click to hide/show Debug panel.

Zoom slider

The zoom slider allows you to increase or decrease the size of objects that appear in the Steps panel. The zoom value is displayed by percentage smaller/bigger than original size. This feature can be used in the following ways:

  • Move the slider left or right until the desired size is reached.  
  • Click + or - to zoom in or out in increments.
  • Right-click the displayed percentage value and select from a drop-down list of predefined values.

NOTE: To revert back to the default percentage value (100%), left-click the current value that appears.

Zoom level

The zoom level percentage. To revert back to the default percentage value (100%), left-click the current value that appears here.