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The Ribbon is a contextual interface designed to increase efficiency and make it easier for users to find features and quickly access popular commands and controls during task construction. The ribbon spans the top of Task Builder, directly below the title bar. It is filled with graphical representations of control elements which are grouped by different functionality. Commands are organized in logical groups, which are collected together under operation related tabs. The Ribbon brings the most common commands to the forefront, in plain sight, so you no longer have to roam aimlessly through the clutter of menus, sub-menus and toolbars searching for what you want.

Enlarging or maximizing the Task Builder window auto-expands the ribbon vertically. To add additional space, the ribbon can be collapsed so only the tabs appear. This can be accomplished by clicking the Pin/Unpin Ribbon button (shown below). Since not every single option will fit on the ribbon, drop-down menus are available which are represented by small arrows below certain buttons/commands. Clicking such arrows displays a drop-down menu which contain related sub-commands. For example, if you click the arrow below the Run icon, a drop-down menu will appear displaying related commands such as Run All, Run Selected, Run From Here, and Step (shown below).

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