Task Builder Debug Panel

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A variety of testing and debugging features are included in the Task Builder to ensure that newly constructed tasks are working properly before they are put into production. Some debug features allow you to arrange your task steps into sections or mark certain steps  features enable you to provide verbose, real time information about a running task, allowing you to easily monitor and examine many aspects of your project as it is being constructed. With the use of the Debug panel, you can perform a series of “test runs” within the Task Builder interface and use a variety of intuitive debugging and diagnostic toolsets to determine the cause of a problematic task.

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Available Debug Panel Views

The Debug panel contains several views which are separated by tabs. The table below describes each. For more details regarding a specific view, click the associated link.

Debug Panel View



Lists all the files that are attached to the current task.


Lists all breakpoints contained in the task and their corresponding steps.


Displays each comment in the task along with its step number.


Lists all labels in the task, including the label name and corresponding step number.


Shows detailed step by step information about the task during execution.


Displays the list of regions contained in the task, including region name and corresponding step number.


Displays the depth of the currently running task. When a sub-task is running, its immediate parent is listed below it.


Lists variables and datasets that are contained in the task as well as their initial and current values.


Shows all currently set watches and displays the evaluated values for the watched variables and expressions as the task runs.