Using Charts


Charts provide a graphical account of previous task and workflow execution data, such as success rates as well as minimum, maximum, and average runtime durations. Viewable features include a legend box, data grid and customized vertical bar models with varied lengths that are proportional to corresponding values. Charts can present bars clustered in groups of more than one (i.e. grouped bar graphs) or display the bars divided into sub-parts to show cumulate effect (i.e. stacked bar graphs).

Charts are visually appealing and make it easy for users to see comparisons, patterns, and trends in data. For instance, rather than analyzing columns of worksheet numbers, a chart shows at a glance whether AutoMate workflows are completing successfully, failing or being aborted and how previous completions compare to previous failures percentage wise.  

When a chart is generated, the SMC's main viewing area displays three segments; the Filter bar, Designer controls and the chart itself (as shown below).   

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