Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) is the standard for email transmissions across the Internet. The SMTP property specifies the email server that the internal email client built into AutoMate BPA Server should connect to for outgoing e-mails as well as the username/password that it should authenticate with (if the server requires authentication). These settings are required to enable AutoMate BPA Server the ability to send error notification messages and transmit outgoing email via the Send Email action. It will also serve as a default mail server for workflows and tasks if no alternates are specified in the Default Properties section of those objects.

To access Email settings, from Server Management Console, select Options -> Server Settings -> Email.

NOTE: This option can be set per individual Agent via Property Inheritance.  

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The following table displays available Email preferences as they appear in the SMC's Email settings.



Default mail server

The name of the mail server that will send emails generated by AutoMate BPA Server (Example:

Default mail server port

The default port that the mail server uses (this value is set to 25 by default).

Use Authentication

If enabled, specifies that the server requires a username / password to authenticate with.


Specifies the username that the server authenticates with.


Specifies the password related to the username entered above.