Specifies the default proxy settings AutoMate BPA Server should use when attempting any network communications. This includes using any Internet associated actions that are set to use the default proxy settings.

To access Proxy properties, navigate to Options -> Default Properties -> Default Task Agent Properties -> Proxy.

NOTE: By default, these properties are inherited by all agents on the system unless they are set via the individual agent, workflow or task level. For more details regarding inheritance hierarchies, see Property Inheritance.


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Proxy Type

The proxy protocol that the proxy server uses to accept requests from AutoMate BPA Server. When None is selected, AutoMate BPA Server does not use a proxy for its TCP/IP communication (unless a specific task action/step is set otherwise). The available options are:

  • None (default) - No proxy is used.

  • Socks4 - Proxy communication via Socks4 protocol.

  • Socks4a - Proxy communication via Socks4a protocol.

  • Socks5 - Proxy communication via Socks5 protocol.

Proxy Host

The host name or host address of the proxy to use (grayed-out until Proxy type is chosen).

Proxy Port

The port on the proxy server to use.

Use authentication

If enabled, AutoMate will attempt to use the user ID and password specified to authenticate a proxy request. If disabled (default), AutoMate attempts to contact the proxy server without authentication. The following options are available if this parameter is enabled:

  • User ID - The User ID (or username) to authenticate proxy requests.

  • Password - The password to authenticate proxy requests.