Server Management Console (SMC)

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All workflow information is centrally stored on the server. Workflow execution reporting is also centralized so administrators can easily monitor real-time events and quickly react to any exceptions. Server Management Console (SMC) is the main interface used to interact with the server component. It provides management and administration of all automated business processes in distributed networks and supplies tools for deploying, connecting and controlling agents responsible for workflow execution. SMC is also used for handling the repository and all BPA objects (i.e. agents, workflows, tasks, etc.) that it contains.

For added protection, SMC features an intuitive permissions system, whereas, administrators can dictate the level of permission each user can acquire via user-based roles or determine the level of security individual tasks, workflows, conditions or other objects may possess. For instance, certain users or groups can be permitted to build, edit or delete workflows and tasks but not permitted to manually execute them, while others can view and execute workflows and tasks but cannot edit or delete them.

Sections of SMC

The Server Management Console interface is comprised of various sections (also known as panels or window panes). The table below describes each.



SMC Main Panel

The Main Panel is the area of the interface where users will perform the majority of SMC related operations. This section contains graphical icons and visual indicators representing the AutoMate BPA Server objects available to a user.

SMC Navigation Bar

The Navigation Bar provides a facility for easily performing single-click navigations through the different pages or views in SMC.

SMC Output/Execution Status Panel

The Output/Execution Status panel supplies real-time information pertaining to workflows, tasks, processes and conditions during their execution. This section usually furnishes the best indication of when, where and why a workflow failed.

SMC Side Panel

The Side Panel (or side bar) is the left-most window panel of SMC. It consists of two portions, the Connection pane and Contents pane. The Connection pane enables users to sign in with proper credentials in order to access SMC. The Contents panel displays specific controls or commands related to the current page being viewed.

SMC Status Bar

The Status bar spans across the bottom of Server Management Console and displays pertinent data such as connection status and whether global triggering is turned on or off. It also supplies controls for modifying the size of objects that appear in the Main panel, show or hide specific panels and enable or disable global triggering.

SMC Top Panel

The top panel displays the title and description of the current page. It also contains the most common controls available for each page as well as a Help button for easy access to AutoMate BPA Server help documentation.