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The Status bar spans across the bottom of the Server Management Console, directly below the Navigation bar. It displays useful data such as current connection status, current zoom percentage and whether global triggering is turned on or off. It also supplies controls that allow you to change the size of objects that appear in the Main panel, show or hide specific panels and enable or disable global triggering.

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Status Bar Controls

The following table describes available status bar controls.




The zoom slider allows you to increase or decrease the size of objects that appear in the SMC's main panel. When using this feature, a percentage value bigger or smaller than the original size is displayed. You can control zoom in the following ways:

  • Move the slider left or right until the desired size is reached.  
  • Click + or - to zoom in or out in increments.

NOTE: To revert back to the default percentage value (100%), left-click the current value that appears.

Show/Hide Panel

Certain window panels in the Server Management Console can be hidden from view or re-displayed with just a single click of a button. All panels are shown by default. You can hide a panel by toggling the control associated to that panel. To re-display the panel, toggle the control again. You can hide/show the following panels:

Global Triggering

Adding a trigger to a workflow allows it to launch automatically, without any kind of user intervention. This is ideal for scheduling workflows to run in the evening or upon the occurrence of a specific condition or event (i.e. when File A exists in Folder B, run Task C). Triggering is turned on by default, however, you may encounter a situation that requires you to disable such functionality globally (for all workflows in the system) such as during maintenance periods, holidays or when execution of workflows may interfere with current operations. In such cases, you can disable all workflows from automatically starting by toggling the Global Triggering On/Off switch. To re-enable global triggering, re-toggle the switch.