SMC Side Panel

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The side panel (also known as side bar) is the left-most window panel of Server Management Console. It allocates two distinct sections, the Connection Manager and Contents pane.

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Connection Manager

The side panel's top portion consists of the Connection Manager which enables users to log onto Server Management Console. Users are created and maintained via the Users section, a centralized user access system where administrators can produce, remove and manage users. Existing users can be assigned specific SMC permissions and views. For instance, certain users may have permission to construct, edit or delete workflows but may not have access to manually run them, while others can run workflows but cannot create, edit or delete them.

For more details regarding SMC logon, see Logging onto SMC.

NOTE: The connection pane can be hidden from view via the status bar by toggling the appropriate button.

Contents Pane

The side panel' bottom portion contains the Contents pane. This section displays the contents associated to the page currently being viewed. If viewing the Workflows, Repository, Users or Agents page, a hierarchical display of folders/sub-folders containing related contents are displayed in a tree view. Folders or sub-folders (if any exist) can be selected to reveal their contents in the main panel. Specific actions can be performed on available folders via a context (right-click) menu (i.e. Create, Rename or Delete, etc.). If viewing the Calendar, Dashboard, Reports or Options page, distinct controls and commands for accomplishing certain operations related to a particular page are displayed.