SMC Navigation Bar


The Navigation bar is a fixed row of buttons that spans across the bottom of Server Management Console, directly above the Status bar and provides a facility for easily performing single-click navigations through the different pages  in SMC. Each page offers a different view and contains distinct information, objects and controls for accomplishing activities related to a particular subject.

Navigation BAR Buttons (Views)

The SMC's navigation bar contains a variety of buttons; each allowing you to navigate to a different view or section of the interface. The following table provides a brief description about each section. For more details regarding a particular section, click the provided link.




Allows you to create new workflows and manage existing ones. Workflows are high-level objects that reference other objects such as tasks, flow controls, and conditions. They act as flow diagrams of IT and business processes and include information required for automated execution.


A central storage area of all workflow-related objects such as tasks, conditions, processes, etc. When a new workflow object is created, it is automatically stored in the repository, thus, eliminating redundancy and allowing existing code to be reused or edited and incorporated into new workflows.


A place where administrators can create and maintain individual users and user groups as well as assign access rights for each. Users and user groups define security permissions within the BPA ecosystem.


Enables creation, deployment and management of agents that are responsible for workflow processing on remote computers. Agents are responsible for event monitoring and task execution on any remote computer in which they are deployed. Agents receive instructions from the server as to which events or conditions to watch for and what tasks to run upon occurrence of such events/conditions.


An executive information interface that supplies a variety of digital gauge controls to convey real-time streaming data with regards to workflows, tasks, agents and system related conditions that can be of crucial importance.


A timetable of information about the results of previously executed workflows as well as workflows that are scheduled to run in the future.


Contains a wide range of chart and table reports that display an assortment of statistics, such as execution analysis, historical performance, audit events, repository content details, trigger activities and much more.


A section where server preferences, SMC properties and licensing information can be viewed or modified. Administrators can also view or modify global settings related to users, agents, groups and other automation objects.