Agent Deployment Wizard


A workflow's multi-machine execution capability is made possible in part by remote task agents that interact with the server component via TCP/IP. Once deployed/installed on a remote computer, the server component can readily communicate with the agent and control its execution.

Manually installing agents on separate computers can be too cumbersome, time-consuming and lacks centralized point of control. The Agent Deployment Wizard eliminates this burden by providing users with the ability to "deploy" agents across multiple domains and remote computers from a single location, improving consistency and transparency throughout the organization.


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Deployment Instructions

The Agent Deployment Wizard can be accessed from the SMC's Task Agents section by highlighting the Task Agents folder and clicking the Deploy button located on the top panel or by simply right-clicking the Task Agents folder and selecting Deploy from the context menu that appears. This article provides step by step instructions with regards to using Agent Deployment Wizard for deployment onto a single or multiple computers.

1. Welcome

2. Deployment Type

A. Agent Destination (Domain)

B. Agent Destination (Workgroup)

3. Credentials

A. Credentials (Domain)

B. credentials (Workgroup)

4. AutoMate BPA Server Credentials

5. Deployment / Installation Progress

6. Finished!