Server Management Console Quick Reference Guide

Server Management Console (SMC) provides centralized management and administration of automated processes in distributed networks. It is the main component that enables management and administration of AutoMate workflows developed using Workflow Designer and Task Builder. With centralized administration and reporting, AutoMate BPA Server provides unparalleled management of workflows and IT operations. All workflow information is centrally stored on the server. Workflow performance reporting is also centralized so administrators can easily monitor operations and quickly react to any exceptions.

Users must log into SMC and administrators can specify a given user's role, rights, and views. Options for roles include designer (who can only create workflows, but not enable them), developer (who can create full-blown workflows and tasks, but cannot put them into production), and administrator (who has complete access and control over everything including the authority to promote objects from development/testing to production).

New workflows and workflow objects such as tasks are created using SMC, though, it is not the interface used to construct such objects. It can, however, invoke Workflow Designer in order to design workflows or Task Builder in order to construct a task.

Create a Workflow

view or edit an existing workflow

manually run a workflow

deploy an agent