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AutoMate's SharePoint action comes equipped with the SharePoint browser, a user friendly tree-based interface that enables connection to a SharePoint site in order to view or select specific contents. You can create and configure multiple connections which are automatically stored so you can conveniently re-connect to the SharePoint site of your choice by simply selecting from a list of pre-configured connections. In addition, the browser uses its own session, therefore, you can always browse the site even while AutoMate SharePoint activities are being performed.

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Accessing the SharePoint Browser

The SharePoint browser can be accessed within the properties of any SharePoint activity that requires connection to a SharePoint site in order to perform actions on items such as files, folders and attachments. Clicking the folder icon located on the right side of a given parameter opens the SharePoint browser window (as shown below).

Using the SharePoint Browser

The SharePoint browser is a tool used during task development to provide a way for you to view remote SharePoint items or select items that a specific SharePoint activity should perform operations on during task execution. In order to view SharePoint items, you must first establish a connection to the server.

To create a new connection:

  1. Click the New button. A connection editor appears where you can configure your new connection.

  2. In the Connection properties, enter a unique name for the connection in the Name field. Names are used to reference any saved connections.

  3. In the Notes field, enter any notes you wish to convey about the connection.

  4. In the Version field, select the SharePoint version to connect to.

  5. In the Site field, enter the URL for the SharePoint site (i.e. http://testserver/sites/unittests).

  6. In the Organization name field, enter the name of the organization associated with the account.

  7. Enter any advanced properties (if needed).

  8. Click Save to save the connection. The name you entered for this connection will appear in the Connect To drop-down.

  9. Follow the directions above to create other connections.

  10. To connect to the SharePoint site of your choice, select it from the Connect to drop-down and click Connect.

 To edit/remove an existing connection:

  1. Click the down arrow under the Connect To parameter to display a list of existing connections.

  2. Select the connection you wish to edit or delete.

  3. Click the Edit button to edit the properties of the connection or click the Delete button to permanently delete it.

To connect and browse SharePoint Items:

  1. Select the desired connection from the Connect To drop-down list and click Connect.

  2. Upon a successful connection attempt, the browser will display a list of remote files along with their description (as shown below).

  3. To select a file, do one of the following:

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