Shared Variables


In AutoMate BPA Server, variables take on a much larger role with their ability to be "shared" amongst other objects within a given workflow. Similar to a variable used inside a task, a shared variable is used as a storage mechanism to store and share dynamic data during execution. However, unlike a task variable that's created and accessible only within the task level, a shared variable is created and declared at the workflow level, thus, its value can be recognized by other workflow objects (i.e. result arrow, evaluation object, sub-workflow, etc.) and its contents can be set or modified within any task that exists in that workflow.

Once a variable is created at the workflow level, it is declared a shared variable making it accessible by any object contained in that workflow as long as its name is enclosed with percentage signs (i.e. %variableName%). Unlike a normal variable, a shared variable can be accessed within any task step without the use of a  Create variable activity. In addition, a shared variable can be passed from a parent workflow to a child workflow (or sub-workflow) and vice versa.

The ability to define shared variables within a workflow provides an abundance of new functionality. Processes that were once limited to one task running on one computer can now be fully integrated into a multi-machine environment.

Declaring shared variables

Managing Shared Variables


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