Shared Datasets


In AutoMate BPA Server, datasets have the ability to become ā€¯shared", which means that they can be accessible throughout an entire workflow. Unlike normal datasets that are created and only accessible within the task level, a shared dataset is created at the workflow level, thus, its contents can be read by any task or other objects that reside in the same workflow.

Once a dataset is created at the workflow level, it is declared a shared dataset, making it accessible by any object contained in that workflow as long as its name is enclosed with percentage signs (i.e. %dataset.Name%). For instance, imagine a workflow that contains four tasks named Task A, Task B, Task C and Task D. If a dataset created and populated in Task A is declared at the workflow level, the values of that dataset can be retrieved and modified in Task B, C or D regardless of what agents they are running in.

Declaring Shared Datasets

Managing Shared Datasets

Available Parameters


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