Shared Arrays


Like variables, arrays are used to represent data in a task that may be different each time a task runs. But unlike standard variables, arrays can contain multiple rows and optionally, multiple columns. In AutoMate BPA Server, arrays have the ability to become "shared", which means they are accessible by any objects contained in a given workflow. Unlike normal arrays that are created and shared within a single task, shared arrays are created and declared at the workflow level. This informs the workflow that its contents can be read by other objects or modified by other tasks that reside in the workflow.

Once an array is created at the workflow level, it is declared a shared array, making it accessible by any object contained in that workflow as long as its name is enclosed with percentage signs (i.e. %arrayName%). Unlike a normal array, a shared array can be accessed within any task step without the need to first create it. In addition, a shared array can be passed from the parent workflow to a sub-workflow and vice versa.


Creating Shared Arrays


Managing Shared Arrays



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