Triggers Properties


Allows you to select which trigger(s) to assign to a task. A trigger is a system event, condition, time value or interval that causes a task to automatically execute. For more on triggers, see About Triggers.

NOTE: A task must have at least one trigger to run automatically, however, it is not a requirement. Tasks that have no triggers assigned can still be run manually from the Task Administrator by highlighting the task and clicking the Run button.

Practical Usage

Ideally used to make a task completely automated from start to finish. Attaching a trigger to a task allows




The following triggers will start the task

Displays triggers attached to the task (if any). More than one trigger can be added to a


Click this button to add a trigger to the task. A dialog titled Triggers appears (as shown below). Choose from AutoMate's available triggers to specify what should cause this task to run (i.e. Schedule, Hot-key, Window pop-up or other event) by highlighting the trigger and clicking the OK button. The properties of the selected trigger then appears. After entering the desired properties, click OK to save the settings and close the properties window.


Click this button to modify properties of an existing trigger.


Press this button to clear all text that appear under the Notes about this task parameter.

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