Organizing Tasks

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Organizing Tasks Overview

Modifying Tasks/Folders Views

Moving, Renaming or Deleting Tasks/Folders

Duplicating or Copying Tasks


The layout of the Task Administrator window is similar to that of Windows Explorer. Folders are displayed on the left, and the contents of the selected folder is displayed on the right. If AutoMate is connected to other computers on your network (see About Remote Administration) the connected machines and their folders are also displayed on the left.

You can modify how tasks and folders are viewed from the Task Administrator. Also, you can create new folders and nest folders one inside another. From the Task Folders pane, click the plus sign (+) by a folder or machine to display any nested folders or tasks contained in that folder. When creating a new task, it will be placed in the folder that is selected at the time.

Modifying Folder & Task Views

You can change how folders and tasks are viewed in the Task Administrator. Viewing options are similar to that of Windows Explorer.

To modify folder and task views:

  1. Click the Views button or select the View menu.

  2. Select the desired view. The available viewing options are:

For instance, the Details view (illustrated below) displays a variety of information about each task in a table format. This allows you to easily view a task's details, such as when it last ran, the result of the last execution, the next launch date/time, etc. Tasks can be categorically arranged by clicking the column header of the desired category. Additionally, you can choose which columns are to be displayed in the Details view by selecting the Columns... option from the View menu.

Moving, Renaming or Deleting Tasks/Folders

The Task Administrator allows a variety of procedures to be performed to better organize your AutoMate tasks.

To create a new folder:

  1. From the Task Administrator's left pane, right-click the machine or folder in which you want to place the new folder.

  2. From the right-click menu that appears, point to New and select Folder.

  3. Enter a name for the new folder that appears.

To move a task or folder:

  1. From the left pane, select the folder that contains the task or folder you want to move.

  2. Drag the task or folder from the right pane into the folder in the left pane.

To rename a task or folder:

  1. Right-click the task or folder and select Rename.

  2. Type the new name.

NOTE: When you rename a task, both the managed task name and the task steps (.AML) file are renamed.


To delete a task:

  1. Select the desired task. To select more than one task, press CTRL during selection.

  2. From the File menu, select Task -> Remove or simply press the DEL key.

  3. A dialog appears verifying whether or not you would like to remove the selected task(s), as shown below. Click Yes to continue.

  1. Another dialog appears asking whether or not to remove the task (.AML) files associated with the managed task. Toggle Yes to remove the associated task files (default option) or No to leave the task files on the system, then click OK to complete the process.

To delete a folder:

  1. Right-click the folder you wish to remove. To select more than one folder, press CTRL and left-click the desired folders, then right-click the highlighted folders.

  2. Select Remove from the Right-click menu.

  3. A dialog appears verifying whether or not you would like to remove the selected folder(s). Click Yes to remove.

Duplicating or Copying Tasks

You may need to construct a managed task that consists of similar steps or contains the same triggers as an existing task. Rather than creating the task from scratch, you can save time and effort by simply duplicating the existing task. Thereafter, you can make the necessary changes to the steps and/or properties of the duplicate task. When you duplicate a task, a new task object appears in the Task Administrator and a new task (.AML) file is created in your default managed tasks directory. The properties and steps of the new task are completely identical to the original. The new task will have the same name as the original with a (1) appended to it.

To duplicate a task:

  1. From the Task Administrator, right-click the task you wish to duplicate and select Duplicate from the menu that appears. To select more than one task, press the CTRL key during selection. A copy of the task(s) are added to the managed tasks pane.

  2. Right click the duplicate task, select Rename, and enter the desired name. Both the managed task name and the task file name are changed.

  3. Edit the task properties and steps as desired.

NOTE: You can create a duplicate task by using the Edit -> Copy and Edit -> Paste feature as well. Since this procedure does not append a (1) to the original name, you cannot create a copy in the same folder that the original task resides. Otherwise, an error will occur stating that the task already exists. However, you can use this option to copy a task to another folder. You can also copy/paste folders

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