Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that enables its users to send and read other users' updates known as tweets. Although Twitter was originally intended for communication among individuals, a number of organizations have begun to actively participate on the platform. In a business standpoint, Twitter allows customers the ability to get instant access pertaining to products, services, competitors, brands or real-time information about the organization itself. Twitter can be used to share important information, statistics, updates or ideas with others within a particular department, organization, business or industry.

AutoMate's Twitter action can perform automated status message updates on a valid Twitter account. This action can update a status message upon schedule or when a certain event occurs. For example, the Twitter action can be used to perform internal updates on network issues for IT staff or external Twitter communications on new products or other subjects for marketing purposes. This action can also be used to perform a variety of other Twitter operations, such as Get Status, Delete Status, Send Direct Message, Get Friends, Get Followers and much more.

IMPORTANT: Use of this activity requires a valid Twitter account.

Available Activities

The following table briefly describes the available activities for this action arranged in alphabetical order as specified in the action's Activity parameter. Click the appropriate link for more details regarding each activity.


Twitter - Delete Status

Deletes the status specified by the required ID parameter.

Twitter - Follow User

Follows a specific user.

Twitter - Get Direct Messages

Returns the 20 most recent direct messages sent to the authenticating user and populates a dataset with the results. The dataset will include detailed information about the sender and recipient user.

Twitter - Get Followers

Retrieves a list of followers and populates a dataset with the results.

Twitter - Get Friends

Retrieves the (latest 100) authenticating user's friends and populates a dataset with the results.

Twitter - Get Mentions

Retrieves the 20 most recent mentions (status containing @username) for the authenticating user and populates a dataset with the results. A mention is any Twitter update that contains @username in the body of the tweet.

Twitter - Get Status

Retrieves the current status or specific status by ID and populates a variable with the results. Optionally, populates a dataset with specific information about the status.

Twitter - Get Timeline

Retrieves the 20 most recent statuses posted from the authenticating user and populates a dataset with the results. A timeline is a Twitter term used to describe a collected stream of Tweets listed in real-time order.

Twitter - Search

Creates a saved search for the authenticated user specifying the query of the search the user would like to make.

Twitter - Send Direct Message

Sends a new direct message to the specified user from the authenticating user.

Twitter - Stop Following User

Allows the authenticating user to stop following the user specified in the ID parameter.

Twitter - Update Status

Updates the authenticating user's status. A status update with text identical to the authenticating user's current status will be ignored to prevent duplicates.