MSMQ (Microsoft Message Queuing)


MSMQ (Microsoft Message Queuing) technology enables applications to communicate with each other in an effective and dependable manner, even in unreliable distributed environments where intermediate servers or systems may not always be available. This is made possible due to the fact that messages are not exchanged directly between applications but rather through a message queue, which is a temporary storage location from which messages can be sent and received reliably. Applications that run at different times can essentially send messages to queues and receive messages from queues at their convenience. This enables communication across networks and between computers which may not always be connected.

AutoMate's MSMQ action provides a reliable and secure way to automate message delivery and retrieval via MSMQ technology. It contains individual activities that lets you to create, send, retrieve, clear, delete or wait for MSMQ messages on a local or remote machine.

IMPORTANT: MSMQ must be installed on the (local or remote) system in order for these activities to function properly. MSMQ is bundled with Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP (excluding Home Edition), Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems, however, they are not installed by default. For more details regarding the installation of MSMQ, see MSMQ Installation & Overview.

Available Activities

The following table briefly describes the available activities for this action as specified in its properties via the Activity to perform parameter. Click the associated link for more details regarding each activity.


MSMQ - Clear Queue

Clears existing messages from the queue.

MSMQ - Create Queue

Creates a new queue at the specified path in order to perform other MSMQ transactions.

MSMQ - Delete Queue

Deletes an existing message queue.

MSMQ - Retrieve Message

Retrieves a message from the specified queue.

MSMQ - Send Message

Sends a message to the specified queue.

MSMQ - Wait for Message

Waits for a particular message to exist in the specified queue.

MSMQ - List Queues

Retrieves a listing of queues by type and populates a dataset with information regarding those queues.

MSMQ - Purge Queue

Deletes all the messages contained in the queue. Clears the contents of any queue to which you have access rights in the Message Queuing system.

MSMQ - Queue Exists

Determines whether a Message Queuing queue at the specified path exists.

MSMQ - Set Permissions

Adds permissions to the current set. This controls who has access rights to queue properties and messages in the queue.

MSMQ - Reset Permissions

Resets the permission list to the operating system's default values. Removes any queue permissions you have appended to the default list.