Task Builder Preferences - Overview

The Task Builder contains its own set of preferences which can be configured to meet a user's specific necessities. They include color, icon and font preferences, viewing options, debug preferences and formatting properties. Task Builder Preferences can be accessed via the Ribbon Application Button by pressing the Editor Options button located on the bottom right corner. Doing so will open a Preferences dialog as shown below.

Available Preferences

Task Builder preferences are categorized into six separate tabs, each encompassing related preferences and options. Below is a list of the available preferences, with links to the topics covering each type.



General Preferences

Controls how tasks are displayed in the Steps pane.

Formatting Preferences

Allows you to modify how steps are formatted in the Steps pane.

Font Preferences

Contains options to modify the font name, size and style to be used for the Visual view and the AML view of the Task Builder's Steps Window.

Task Builder Color Preferences

Contains options to create a custom color scheme for Task Builder or adjusts the default color scheme.

Debugger Preferences

Contains settings that affect Task Builder's behavior while running and debugging tasks.

Debug Toolbar Preferences

Determines Debug toolbar behavior. The debug toolbar is a small floating bar that appears when a task is run from the Task Builder.

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