Task Builder Status Bar


A comprehensive Status Bar is located on the foot of the Task Builder interface, directly below the Debug Pane (highlighted below). The Status Bar displays real-time progress and detailed information regarding the running task, which can be very helpful and convenient during testing periods.



The Status Bar is divided into sections, each of which displays particular information about the running task. The available items are detailed below:



Current Step/Total Steps

Displays the current step being executed as well as the total number of steps the task contains.

Run Status

Displays the status of the currently running task. For example:

  • Running - Task is currently in a running state.

  • Completed - Task completed.

  • Error - Task generated an error.

Progress Bar

Displays total progress of the current step being executed.

Running Action Icon

Illustrates the icon associated with the action currently running.

Step Execution Details

Displays details of what the task is currently performing. This section updates step by step information about the task during execution.


NOTE: The Auto-hide button (top/left corner of debug pane) allows the Debug pane to be auto-hidden, providing a larger Steps pane viewing area, which is useful when viewing tasks that contain a large amount of steps.

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