Managing Window Panes & Views in Task Builder

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In the Task Builder, the Available Actions and My Actions window panes along with the available views (separated by tabs) in the and Debug Pane can be auto-hidden or removed according to a user's preference. Such panes can be dragged off the main interface and used as floating windows, repositioned in another location of the interface, or set to auto-hide so only tabs representing each pane is displayed. Additionally, each of the eight different views of the Debug pane can be individually dragged off or repositioned. The Status bar at the bottom of the interface can also be hidden or displayed depending on a user's preference.

Hiding Window Panes

The Task Builder contains a number of window panes and views that can be hidden from the main interface. Hiding specific panes/views can furnish more space in which to view task steps normally populated in the Steps pane. All Task Builder commands and operations can be accessed/performed in a number of ways, therefore, removal of a specific pane/view will not prevent specific commands. For example, removing the Available Actions pane will not prevent you from selecting actions/activities to add to your task. This is because you can also add actions via the Ribbon's Home tab by clicking the Actions icon from the Insert command group and selecting the action you wish to add to the steps pane (as illustrated below). If using the Menu/Toolbar interface, you can add an action by simply selecting the Insert menu and selecting the desired action.

To hide selected windows/views:

If using the Ribbon interface...

If using the Menu/Toolbar interface...

NOTE: You can also hide windows in the Task Builder by clicking the "x" icon located on the top right corner of each valid window pane.

Moving or Undocking Window Panes

In the Task Builder, the Available Actions, My Actions and Debug window panes can be moved to another area of the Task Builder interface or they can be auto-hidden from view to allow more space to view steps that are added to the Steps pane.

To move a window pane:

  1. Click and drag the title bar of the window pane you want to move. A gray outline displays the position of the pane as you drag.

  2. Move the outline to a different section of the Task Builder interface. The outline will snap to an area indicating that it can be placed in that section of the Task Builder.

To auto-hide a window pane:

  1. Click the pushpin icon in the upper right corner of the pane (as shown above).

  2. A tab for the pane is displayed (also shown above). When you hover the mouse cursor over the tab, the pane becomes visible.

  3. Click the pushpin icon again to return the pane to the normal display.

To undock a window pane:

  1. Double-click the window pane's title bar


Drag the window pane by its title bar or tab and drag it outside of the Task Builder interface.

  1. To re-dock a window pane, drag the title bar or tab of the window pane to the desired area of the Task Builder.

To move a tabbed view of the Debug window:

Hiding or Showing the Status Bar

The Status Bar displayed along the bottom of the Task Builder window shows progress of a task as it runs. It displays the currently selected or currently running step number, the status of the step (running, finished, or error), plus, if the step is running, the percent of progress and the action being performed.

To show or hide the status bar:


NOTE: To return to the original default settings:

  • If using the Ribbon interface, click the Application button on the top right corner of the Task Builder and select Tools -> Reset.


  • If using the Menu/Toolbar interface, go to the View menu and select the option titled Reset Interface.

A pop-up dialog will ask whether you want to continue with re-setting the interface. Clicking Yes will complete the procedure. This returns all views, toolbars, and options to their original settings. All custom views will be lost.

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