Customizing the Task Builder

The Task Builder can be fully customized to cater to your task development and debugging needs, including various views, step displays, fonts and colors, among others. Additionally, window panes can be docked, hidden or attached from the main Task Builder interface. If you wish to revert back to the default view, an option to reset the Task Builder interface to its original state is included as well. The following table contains a list of customization preferences along with a brief description. For more details regarding a specific preference, click the associated link.



Changing the Task Builder Display

Information and instruction on modifying the Task Builder header from Ribbon to Menu/Toolbar, switching from Visual to AML View, customizing the Steps pane and how to revert back to the default view.

Customizing the Available Actions Pane

Expanding or collapsing categorized folders, displaying or hiding categorized folders, sorting folders, adding and clearing favorite, recent and popular actions, resetting to defaults.

Customizing the Debug Pane

Information and instruction on hiding, moving, floating, undocking/docking the Debug pane.

Viewing and Hiding Window Panes

Information in reference to showing/hiding docking/undocking and moving window panes. Also provides instructions to view/hide the Status bar.

Setting Debug Toolbar Options

Modifies specific characteristics of the Debug toolbar.

Setting Task Builder Colors

Modifies the Task Builder's color scheme.

Setting Task Builder Fonts

Modifies the fonts to use, as well as their size and style.

Setting Task Builder General Options

Controls general options such as icon size and double-click behavior, among others.

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