SQL Connections

SQL Connections


Allows creation of user defined SQL connection strings which can be linked to AutoMate actions that require a SQL connection. This can save time normally needed to create SQL connections during task construction.



The User defined SQL Connections section displays a list of previously created SQL connections. The list contains four columns - Name, Connection String, Comment and Enabled. More details are entered in the table below.  




Specifies the name of the SQL connection. This is how the SQL connection is referred to in AutoMate tasks and scripts.

Connection String

Specifies the SQL connection string.  

Comment (optional)

A description for the SQL connection. This is optional and has no bearing on the SQL connection itself.


Indicates whether the specified SQL connection string is enabled or disabled (enabled by default).

Available buttons

There are three available buttons to select from which allows the following actions to be performed:

  • Add - Click this button to add a new user defined SQL connection.

  • Modify - Highlight an existing SQL connection and click this button to make modifications.

  • Remove - Highlight an existing SQL connection and click this button to permanently remove it from the list. Note that tasks containing SQL actions that point to a deleted connection string will fail.  

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