Constants Options


Allows a user to create and define AutoMate constants for this machine. Like variables, constants are used to represent data in a task. However, unlike variables, constants maintain the same value from task to task and the value cannot be modified from or within a running task. Constants are local to each machine. For more details, see About Constants.



The User defined constants section displays a list of previously created constants. Upon creation of a new constant, this section will be populated with its information.




The name of the constant. This is how the constant is referred to in AutoMate tasks and scripts.


The value that is contained within the constant.  


A user defined description for the constant. This is used only in the Constant options view as reference, and has no bearing on the actual constant itself.


Determines whether the constant is enabled or disabled.

Available buttons

There are three available buttons to select from which allows the following actions to be performed:

  • Add - Click this button to add a new user defined constant. A constant name must begin with a letter, contain only letters and numbers (no special characters) and contain no spaces.  

  • Modify - Click this button to modify an existing constant.

  • Remove - Click this button to remove the selected (highlighted) constant.


NOTE: Constants are stored in the Local Machine settings of the registry in the AutoMate 9 registry key. The exact registry location is HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Network Automation\AutoMate 9\Constants

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