Logging Properties


Provides more robust logging options for the managed task, such as logging extended information or logging to an additional file.

Practical Usage

Allows you to customize or enhance logging pertaining to this managed task.




Log extended step information

If enabled, this option logs step by step information about this task which can be viewed in the Task Events section of the AutoMate Log. When disabled, only the beginning and ending steps appear in the AutoMate Log. (This option is disabled by default)

Log to an additional text file

If enabled, allows you to log runtime information about this task onto a separate text file. If the Log extended step information option is enabled, step by step information will be logged onto the selected text file as well. If the file does not currently exist, one will be created during task execution. To select a text file to log to, click the folder icon and navigate to the file or simply enter the full path and file name in the provided field. (This option is disabled by default)

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