Viewing the AutoMate Event Log

By default, AutoMate maintains text logs that record task events, system events, and (in AutoMate Premium) audit events. These logs can be viewed via the Task Administrator's Event Log by clicking the Log button. Task events ordinarily include the starting and ending of task executions, though tasks can be set to have step detail included in the log (see Logging Properties). System events include anything that affects the system as a whole, such as service starts and stops or task starts and stops. Audit events include changes in the state of the system, such as modifications to system properties or task properties.

Each log shows the date and time of the event, the machine name, the task name if applicable, and details about the event. By default, all dates and events are shown, but you can use the filter options  to sort or limit the records shown.

To view the Event Log:

  1. From the Task Administrator,  click the Log button on the toolbar or expand the View menu and select Log. Use the tabs to select the type of log you want to view.

  2. If you want to limit the records shown, use the drop-down boxes to limit the records to specific dates and times or to show only success or only failure events. In the task events log you can also limit the records to a selected task.

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