Testing Tasks Using Run Options

Task execution may occur so rapidly that it may be too difficult for a user to determine the cause of a problematic task. The Task Builder encompasses various Run options (shown below) to handle such an issue. They can be used to suspend execution of the task allowing you to examine what the task is doing on a step by step basis, based on the execution of selected steps or from the start of a particular step. This technique also allows time for you to view important runtime information populated within the various Debug Pane features. When suspended, the task is still running but paused between actions. AutoMate variables or datasets retain their values, and the Task Builder's Output pane window displays the code that is currently running.


To run the entire task:

To run one or more selected steps:

  1. Select the step(s) you wish to run. To select more than one step, hold down CTRL during selection.

  2. Select Run Selected or press CTRL+F5. This will run the specified steps in sequence from the lowest to highest numbered step.

To run the task from a specific step:

  1. Select the step that should start the execution process.

  2. Select Run From Here or press SHIFT+CTRL+F5. The steps will run sequentially starting from the specified step.

To run the task step by step:

  1. Click the Step button. The first (or selected) step of the task runs. At this time you can:

  1. Click Step to execute the next line.

  2. Continue clicking Step until you reach the end of the task or until you have determined the issue.

  3. You can also run the rest of the task at regular speed from this point forward by clicking the Run from here button. Click the Reset button at any time to stop the step process.

More on "Stepping"

“Stepping” is the process of executing a task one step at a time. When clicking the Run button, task execution may happen so quickly that it’s too complicated to determine what is causing the problem and where that problem occurs. The Step button is ideal for such a situation because clicking this button will execute one step, then wait, providing a chance for the developer to examine what the previous step may (or may not) have done or observe the contents generated in the Debug window in order to better diagnose the task. The Step button can be accessed via the keyboard by hitting the F9 key.

NOTE: Alike with the Step button, all Task Builder objects and controls contain a corresponding shortcut key. To determine the appropriate shortcut for a button, simply hover the mouse of that button. Related shortcut keys can also be viewed by selecting the different menu items.

To suspend a running task:

To stop a running task:

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