Watches Debug View

The Watches debug pane displays all the watches currently active for the task. After each step executes, the watches listed are re-evaluated and updated with their current values. You can use the Watches Debug view to add, remove, or change watches. For more information, see Using Watches.


The Watches pane includes the following fields (columns).

Column Name



The syntax of the watch. This can be simply a variable name, or a complex expression.


The result of the watch expression. This is updated with each step execution while the task is running.

Menu Items

Right-click the inside the Watches pane to view the following menu items.

Menu Item



Renames the selected variable or modifies the selected expression.


Removes the selected item. To select multiple items, hold down CTRL during selection.

Remove All

Removes all items listed.

Stay On Top

If enabled, after undocking this panel, it will stay on top of all other undocked panels. This option is disabled by default.


If enabled, allows the panel to be docked to its base once it is undocked. If disabled, you will not be able to re-dock the panel once it is undocked. This option is enabled by default. You can undock a panel by holding down and dragging its title bar away from the main window or double-clicking the title bar.

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