Regions Debug View

A Region is a tool that can be used to add clarity to your task. It lets you specify a block of steps that you can expand or collapse via the Steps pane of the Task Builder. By default, all steps are displayed in the Steps pane but you can choose to hide some steps from view. The Task Builder allows you to select a region of steps and make it collapsible, so that it appears under a (>) symbol. You can then expand or hide the region by clicking the (>) symbol. Steps contained in a Region is not deleted, but rather hidden from view. With the use of regions, you can expand the sections you want to work on, collapse them when you are done, and then move to other sections. When you are through constructing your task, you can use the Clear Regions command to remove previously created regions. All regions are ignored when the task is triggered or ran manually outside the Task Builder.  


The Regions pane generates information divided into the following columns:

Column Name



The name of the selected region.

Starting Step

The step where the selected region starts.  

Ending Step

The step where the selected region ends.  

Menu Items

Right-click anywhere inside the Regions pane to view the following properties.

Menu Item


Jump To

Jumps to the step where the selected region is located.


Removes the selected region(s). To select multiple items, hold down CTRL during selection.

Remove All

Removes all regions.

Stay On Top

If enabled, after undocking this panel, it will stay on top of all other undocked panels. This option is disabled by default.


If enabled, allows the panel to be docked to its base once it is undocked. If disabled, you will not be able to re-dock the panel once it is undocked. This option is enabled by default. You can undock a panel by holding down and dragging its title bar away from the main window or double-clicking the title bar.

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