Managed Task Properties

Managed Task Properties provides general information about a managed task (task created from or exported onto the Task Administrator) and allows users to control task behavior such as triggering, security, prioritization, logon and task level error handling.

Task properties are managed through the Task Administrator by right-clicking the desired task and selecting Properties or highlighting the task and selecting the Properties button from the toolbar. The Managed Task Properties dialog then appears and defaults to the General tab, as shown below.

Task properties are managed via the Task Administrator. You can access managed properties by right-clicking the desired task and selecting Properties from the right-click menu or highlighting the task and selecting Properties from the header. The main window pane becomes populated with the selected task's properties which are categorized into separate icons, as shown below.

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Available Managed Task Properties

The table below contains a list of all available managed task properties (formatted in alphabetical order). For more details about particular properties, click the corresponding link.




Provides an area for "free-form" notes about your task.


Provides options to specify what the task should do when an error occurs, such as running another task that corrects the error.


Displays general information about the managed task including task name, creation time, last run information, last result, and location of the associated task (.AML) file.  


Provides more robust logging options for the managed task.


Lets the user specify under which user context a task should run when it is triggered (started automatically).


Provides the capability to set priority levels to each managed task. AutoMate can be instructed whether or not to run a task in concurrence with other tasks, and how to handle a conflict if one takes place between tasks.


Contains a variety of features aimed at securing a managed task. Each task can be individually password protected to prevent either read access or read/write access. This prevents unauthorized editing, viewing or manual execution of a tasks in a multi-user environment.


Allows you to select which trigger(s) to assign to the managed task.

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