Idle Trigger


Triggers a task when no keyboard or mouse input occurs for the specified period of time (i.e. the system is idle).

Practical Usage

Occasionally, tasks are better run when the machine is not in use. The Idle trigger can be configured for such a scenario.

NOTE: Some machines may become locked or a screen saver may appear (which automatically locks a machine) within a specific time period. In such cases, tasks that interact with the desktop will fail if a workstation is in a locked or logged off state. Therefore, make sure that the Logon parameters of the task are set to unlock the workstation when it is locked.


General Properties



Launch task when machine has been idle for

Specifies the amount of time the system should remain idle before the trigger is activated. Available time measurements are:

  • seconds

  • minutes (default)

  • hours

  • days

Behavior Properties



Trigger on startup if condition is true

If enabled, the system will act upon conditions that already exist upon startup of the current trigger. For example, if the Notepad window is already open on the desktop, a newly created Window trigger set to monitor for the existence of a Notepad window will immediately launch the task as a result. If disabled, the trigger will ignore the open Notepad window upon startup. This parameter is disabled by default.

Trigger after the condition has been met 'X' times.

If enabled, specifies how many times the trigger condition must be met before the task is started. For example, if a Window trigger is set to monitor for the appearance of a Notepad window and this parameter is set to 3, the task will not launch until the third instance of Notepad appears on the desktop.



There are no AMTrigger parameters for this trigger.

NOTE: A full list of AMTrigger objects exclusive to each trigger can be viewed from the Expression Builder by expanding Objects -> Triggers and selecting the desired trigger.

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