Finding & Organizing Actions & Activities

There are over 300 available actions that you can use to create the steps of your task. This may seem overwhelming to some individuals, specially new or novice  users. Therefore, the Task Builder provides a variety of ways to assist in easily finding actions or activities you are searching for. In addition, it keeps track of a user's favorite, most often and most recently used actions and activities and places them in the My Actions panel for quick and easy access.

Search Feature

The Available Actions Search function provides dynamic filtering that allows you to enter all or part of an action name and view only actions that contain matching text. The list is updated as you type.

To search for an action:

  1. Click the Search box at the top of the Available Actions pane, or press CTRL+ALT+F to place the cursor in the box.

  2. Type all or part of the text you want to search for.

  3. To select from the filtered list, you can press the up or down arrow keys and then press ENTER when the action is selected, or you can click and drag the desired action.

  4. To clear the search, click Cancel in the search box or press ESC.


Modifying Available Actions List

By default, actions in the Available Actions pane are categorized in folders arranged in a logical sequence. Alternately they can be viewed with all actions listed alphabetically or with folders listed in ascending or descending alphabetical order.

To change the sort order of the available actions folders:

To display actions without the folders they reside in:


Favorites, Recent and Popular

The My Actions view can be used to easily toggle through a list of the most often and most recently used actions and activities. A list of favorite actions can be added to this view as well.

To add an action to your Favorites list:

  1. From the Available Actions palette, right-click the action you wish to add to your favorites.

  2. Select Add to Favorites.

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