Custom Step Description

When an action is selected from the Task Builder's Available Actions Pane and the user completes setting its properties, a general description of that action and its properties are displayed in the Steps Pane. All actions and activities contain a Description tab within its properties that allows you to modify and fully customize the description of any step when it appears in the Steps Pane. This feature can be used to convey more detailed information or operation instructions to other team members.

NOTE: Custom step description is only supported in Visual mode and not in AML mode, which displays the steps in AML (AutoMate Markup Language) view, the internal language used by AutoMate.

To specify a custom description for a step:

  1. Go to the properties of the action/step and select the Description tab.

  2. Enable the parameter labeled Use custom description.

  3. Type the desired description (as illustrated below).

  4. Click OK when finished.

The new description is then displayed in the Steps pane in place of the original description (as shown below circled in red).


NOTE: A similar way to document instructions, enter notes, reminders or other important information directly onto the steps of a task is by adding Comments.

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