When a sub-workflow runs in the context of another workflow, an AutoMate dataset called AMWorkflow is automatically created. This can be used within a subsequent task contained in the "parent" workflow to determine specific characteristics regarding the sub-workflow that just ran, such as the name, unique ID and execution results.

AMWorkflow is a standard AutoMate dataset and can be used much like the datasets created by the SQL Query and Get E-Mail actions. For example, using a 'Message Box' action with the Message parameter set to:


would display a message dialog during task execution showing the name of the sub-workflow that was executed.


Every instance of AMWorkflow is populated with the following fields:  


Data Type

Return Value



Returns the unique ID of the sub-workflow that executed.



Returns the assigned name of the sub-workflow object that executed.



Returns the execution result of the sub-workflow. Success returns 1, failure returns 0.


NOTE: A full list of AMWorkflow objects can be viewed from the Expression Builder dialog box by expanding Objects -> Errors. .

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