Interactive tasks are defined as tasks that simulate mouse movement, mouse clicks, keyboard activity or any type of interaction with the desktop. Such tasks mostly requires the use of Input and Interactivity actions. However, in order for interactions to be performed accurately on a specific window, that window must usually be "focused" or in front of all other open windows. The Window action is used ideally in such situations. It comprises a variety of activities used to manipulate windows on the desktop such as moving, minimizing, maximizing, hiding, focusing or closing a window.

The Window action as well as all other interactivity related actions implement AutoMate‚Äôs Window Dissection Technology, which allows the specification of a window based on title as well as objects, controls, and/or text that are inside of it. Window Dissection ensures that all interactive tasks execute with accuracy at runtime.

Available Activities

The following table briefly describes the available activities for this action arranged in alphabetical order. Click the appropriate link for more details regarding each activity.


Window - Close

Closes an open window. If the window is the main window of an application, that application will be closed.

Window - Focus

Focuses (brings to the foreground) the specified window so that it may receive keystrokes, mouse clicks or other operations.

Window - Hide

Hides the specified window. Hiding a window makes the window invisible so that it cannot be seen or interacted with.

Window - List windows

Retrieves all of the windows that are currently open on the system and populates a dataset with the results.

Window - Maximize

Maximizes the specified window, which causes it to occupy the entire screen.

Window - Minimize

Minimizes the specified window which causes it to disappear from view and appear only in the task bar.

Window - Move

Moves a window to the selected position on the screen.

Window - Resize

Re-sizes the specified window or windows to the specified dimensions.

Window - Restore

Restores a window to its normal state.

Window - Show

Exposes a window that is hidden.