Web Service


A Web Service is a piece of code that is made available on a machine that is connected to the Internet. The web part of a Web Service defines the method to which it is accessed; the service part relates to the idea of providing access to functionality without having to download or install anything. Since it is run on the web, it can be accessed by any machine connected to the Internet and it. And because it is created with a standardized protocol, it can be accessed from any environment.

The benefits of Web Services to any business can be summed up in one word: Efficiency. AutoMate helps leverage this functionality with its Web Service - Execute function activity. This action allows you to automate the ability to execute Web Service calls via WSDL (Web Service Definition Language) URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) path. What is neat about AutoMate is that once you put in a WSDL URI path and click the “Go” button, it automatically evaluates that Web Service and fills in the information for you to select from a drop-down.

Available Activities

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Web Service - Execute function

Executes a web service call using the provided WSDL (Web Service Definition Language) URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) and parameters.