Web Browser


The advent of the Internet and World Wide Web made it possible for data to be interconnected worldwide. Because of this, the web browser is one of the most frequently used software programs used by businesses. Today, the web enables organizations to learn about trends that may affect them, observe consumer behavior, discover products that could enhance their service or business and increase their knowledge of the industry. In addition, more and more businesses are using the web for the purpose of business intelligence, the process of gathering analytics, performance metrics and other measurements used to gauge a company's return on investment (ROI), employee and customer churn rates, revenues and other performance data. Such operations involve web navigation, data extraction and other time consuming tasks.

The Web Browser action allows you to automate tedious and lengthy web based operations without the need to write a single line of code. Using a variety of activities contained in this action, any combination of simple to complex operations such as browsing, form filling, clicking and data extraction can be performed. Many tasks such as order tracking, report generation, database retrieval and payroll management are now web based, which is why the Web Browser action is an essential tool for today's businesses.

Available Activities

The following table briefly describes the available activities for this action. Click the associated link for more details regarding each activity.


Web Browser - Click

Clicks a particular control in an established web browser session.

Web Browser - Close

Closes a web browser and ends a session created by the Web Browser - Create session or Web Browser - Open activity.

Web Browser - Create session

Creates a unique session which can be used to combine various other PDF related steps. A session is particularly useful as a means of organizing and encapsulating a collection of activities required to accomplish a particular operation.

Web Browser - Extract source

Extracts an HTML source and places the result in a variable.

Web Browser - Extract table

Extracts the contents of a given table in an established session.

Web Browser - Get URL

Retrieves the session's active URL and populates a variable with the result.

Web Browser - Get value

Gets the value of a given element in an established web browser session.

Web Browser - Navigate

Navigates to a specific page URL that's currently open.

Web Browser - Open

Opens a web browser and establishes a session in which to associate other web browser activities.

Web Browser - Set Value

Sets the specified value onto an element in an established web browser session.

Web Browser - Wait

Waits until the browser is ready for input before continuing to the next step.