The Task action allows task level operations to be performed during runtime. Activities include the ability to start a secondary task (also known as a child task or subtask) from a parent task or start another task as a separate thread. Other activities include the ability to stop execution of the current task or call a function defined in the task.

Available Activities

The list of activities for this action are arranged below in alphabetical order. For more information about a specific activity, click the associated link.

Task - Call function Calls a function defined in the task. If the function returns a result, you can specify the name of the variable in which to place the value. For more details, see Task Functions.
Task - Enable/Disable Enables a currently disabled task or disables a currently enabled task.
Task - Run Starts a task as if it were triggered. All task properties will be utilized including Logon, Priority and Security settings.
Task - Start subtask Starts another task using the task name specified. When the sub-task starts, the parent task will wait for it to complete before continuing. Public variables from the parent task are available to the newly started sub-task (see Create variable activity for more details). This action supports starting both managed and unmanaged (or external) tasks.
Task - Stop Stops execution of the current task. Supports status code output, including success, aborted or error. If the status code is set to Error, this action supports output of a custom error number and/or text.