As the Internet and other forms of electronic communication becomes more widespread, the subject of security is becoming increasingly important. The impact of a data breach can be dreadful. The loss of sensitive or critical information may not only affect an organization’s competitiveness, but it may also damage its reputation and cash flow. One essential aspect for secure communications is that of cryptography, the science of converting data into a secret, unreadable code using an encryption algorithm. Cryptography is necessary when communicating over any unprotected medium because it not only ensures privacy and data integrity but can also be used as a form of authentication.

The three main types of cryptographic algorithms consists of Secret Key Cryptography (SKC), Public Key Cryptography (PKC) and Hash functions. AutoMate's Cryptography action supports all three types. AutoMate includes not only those activities that perform encryption and decryption of files but a variety of others that cover a wider spectrum. These activities are capable of creating or deleting key containers, generating both public and private key files from existing key containers and digitally signing files using newly generated private keys. AutoMate also supports PGP (Pretty Good Privacy), one of the most widely used cryptography systems used on the Internet today.  

Available Activities

The list of activities for this action are arranged below in alphabetical order. For more information about a specific activity, click the associated link.



Cryptography - Create Creates a new Machine-Level or User-Level key container.
Cryptography - Decrypt Decrypts one or more encrypted files.
Cryptography - Decrypt and Verify Decrypts and verifies one or more files in a single automated sequence.
Cryptography - Delete Deletes a previously created User-Level or Machine-Level key container.
Cryptography - Encrypt Encrypts one or more files using the specified encryption method and algorithm.
Cryptography - Encrypt and Sign Encrypts and digitally signs one or more files in a single automated sequence.
Cryptography - Generate key file(s) Generates public and private key files from the specified key container.
Cryptography - Sign

Digitally signs a file using the specified private key(s).

Cryptography - Verify Verifies the signature attached to a file to validate authenticity of the sender.