The AutoMate action contains individual activities that allows you to automate important operations that are specific to the AutoMate program. For example, you can schedule a task to backup all AutoMate data and shut down the AutoMate program before a company-wide system maintenance service takes place. Additionally, you can automate the process of writing a specific message to the AutoMate log as a means to alert a team member of pertinent information.

Available Activities

The list of activities for this action are arranged below in alphabetical order. For more information about a specific activity, click the associated link.  

AutoMate - Backup AutoMate Creates a backup copy of managed tasks, triggers, and system data onto an AutoMate archive (.AMA) file.
AutoMate - Shutdown AutoMate Shuts down AutoMate by stopping the AutoMate Task Service, a system service used for the purpose of executing tasks which are manually started from the Task Administrator or automatically started by a trigger.
AutoMate - Write to log Logs specific data to the AutoMate Event Log.