Amazon SQS (Simple Queue Service)


Amazon SQS (Simple Queue Service) offers a reliable, highly scalable, hosted queue for storing messages as they travel between computers. By using the SQS action, users can automate the creation of queues and movement of data between distributed components of relevant applications that perform different tasks without losing messages or requiring each component to be always available.

IMPORTANT: AutoMate's SQS activities are performed using  engine to perform their work, therefore, launching and operating Amazon SQS through AutoMate requires a valid Access Key ID and Secret Access Key.

Available Activities

The following table briefly describes the available activities for this action arranged in alphabetical order. Click the appropriate link for more details regarding each activity.


Amazon SQS - Add permission

Adds a permission to a queue for a specific principal. This allows for sharing access to the queue.

Amazon SQS - Change message visibility

Changes the visibility timeout of a specific queue message to a new value.

Amazon SQS - Create queue

Creates a new queue.

Amazon SQS - Create session

Creates a unique session which can be used to associate subsequent SQS steps. This provides a single task the ability to execute numerous SQS operations simultaneously.

Amazon SQS - Delete message

Deletes the specified message from the specified queue.

Amazon SQS  Delete queue

Deletes the queue specified by the queue URL, regardless of whether the queue is empty.

Amazon SQS - End session

Ends an SQS session created in a previous step with the use of the Create Session activity.

Amazon SQS - Get queue attributes

Returns one or all attributes of a queue.

Amazon SQS - List queues

Returns a list of your queues.

Amazon SQS - Receive message

Retrieves one or more messages from the specified queue.

Amazon SQS - Remove permission

Removes any permissions in the queue policy that matches the Label parameter.

Amazon SQS - Send message

Sends a message to the specified queue.

Amazon SQS - Set queue attributes

Sets attributes of a queue.