Task Events


Task events along with task functions are core features in programming that make complex, high level automation routines more comprehensible. They enable the flow of a program to be determined by specific events that take place, which in turn, triggers execution of a callback function. AutoMate is capable of raising task events as it performs the steps necessary to complete a task. This capability allows specific event driven information to be returned when a task starts, when it completes (either successfully or unsuccessfully) or during various other stages in between (i.e. when a task step starts, ends or generates an error).

For example, AutoMate can recognize completion reported by a background task and perform a specific operation as a result. This can be made possible by allowing AutoMate to subscribe to events from the background task running on the system. Simply create an event handler function to handle the completed background task and add a step directly after the event handler that deals with the background task completion.

Task variables, functions and events are created and managed through a drop-down UI display that is accessible from the Steps panel of Task Builder (as shown below).

NOTE: Task Events are additional features aimed for advanced users. You can build tasks without the use of Task Events and may choose to use these features at your own pace.

Setting Task Events


Available Task Events